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False Flags Work!!! by Anthony Freda

Former British Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, told the BBC on Friday chemical weapons are now “more likely” to be used in Syria because jihadis know a “fake flag” attack will trigger the US to attack Assad.

“It’s not going to end here … because Trump has just given the jihadis a thousand reasons to stage fake flag operations,” Ford said. “Seeing how successful and how easy it is with a gullible media to provoke the West into intemperate reactions.”

While most of the pundits and the gullible mainstream media are fawning over the strikes on Syria, Ford bravely challenges the official narrative.
Disgraced teleprompter reader Brian Williams waxed poetic on MSNBC, describing the "beauty" of the missiles raining on Syria. Clinton, Kerry, Schumer and a gaggle of other Democrats have also joined the chorus of bleating war cheerleaders to praise the missile strikes.
Ford continues:

“They will very likely stage an operation similar to what they did — and this was documented by the United Nations in August last year — they mounted a chlorine gas attack on civilians and they tried to make it look like it was a regime operation,” he said.
“Mark my words, you hearing it here, and it will happen,” Ford said. “And we’ll get all the warmongers coming to tell us that that Assad is defying us and we must go in more heavily into Syria, this will be fake flag.”
While you can argue whether or not the recent attack was a false flag, there’s literally no arguing the incentive for rebel terrorists to stage a chemical attack now to blame it on Assad is higher than ever.

Anthony Freda


Sunday, April 23, 2017

UPCOMING ON The People Speak w/Cindy Sheehan: US Empire Myth-Busting (Syria) Guest: Eva Bartlett

Broadcasting Date: 
Tuesday, April 25, 2017 06:00 pm (Pacific)
9:00 pm (Eastern)

Guest Name: 
Eva Bartlett
 Myth-Busting in Syria
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Call-in to interact when live with the program hosts and guests:
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Guest Occupation: 
Freelance Journalist/Human Rights Activist
Guest Biography: 
Eva Bartlett is an independent writer and rights activist with extensive experience in Syria and in the Gaza Strip, where she lived a cumulative three years (from late 2008 to early 2013). She documented the 2008/9 and 2012 Israeli war crimes and attacks on Gaza while riding in ambulances and reporting from hospitals. Since April 2014, she has visited Syria 6 times, including two months in summer 2016 and once month in Oct/Nov 2016. Her early visits included interviewing residents of the Old City of Homs, which had just been secured from militants, and visiting historic Maaloula after the Aramaic village had been liberated of militants.

In December 2015, Eva returned to old Homs to find life returning, small shops opened, some of the damaged historic churches holding worship anew, and citizens preparing to celebrate Christmas once again. On her 5th visit in June-August 2016, she went twice to Aleppo, also visiting Palmyra, Masyaf, Jableh, Tartous, and Barzeh district of Damascus, as well as returning again to Maaloula and Latakia. On her sixth visit to Syria, in October and November, she visited Aleppo twice more, as well as areas around Damascus. 

The testimonies Eva gathered in Aleppo starkly contrasted narratives corporate media had been asserting. Many of her published Syria writings, videos, photos can be found at this link:

America Illegally Bombs Syria Under False Pretexts. Links for critical thinking.

by Eva Bartlett

*“…the White Helmets are handling the corpses of people without sufficient safety gear, most particularly with the masks mostly used , as well as no gloves. Although this may seem insignificant, understanding the nature of sarin gas that the opposition claim was used, only opens questions. Within seconds of exposure to sarin, the affects of the gas begins to target the muscle and nervous system. There is an almost immediate release of the bowels and the bladder, and vomiting is induced. When sarin is used in a concentrated area, it has the likelihood of killing thousands of people. Yet, such a dangerous gas, and the White Helmets are treating bodies with little concern to their exposed skin. This has to raise questions.” (from: “Jumping to conclusions; something is not adding up in Idlib chemical weapons attack“)

This morning, under the orders of President Trump, the US military fired a reported 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at an airbase in Syria, killing at least 6, according to early reports. The false pretext for this is the tired old refrain that “Assad used chemical weapons”, a ‘red line crossed claim’ made–and disproven–in 2013 in Ghouta, and in allegations prior and since. Any actual instances were the western-backed ‘rebels’. All others were fabrications of the NATO aligned media and faux human rights groups.

I’ll keep my own commentary short other than to emphasize that I do not believe for one second that the Syrian government used toxic gases on Idlib last week. My reasons are logical and many, but I will list just a few here and continue with suggested reading/listening:

–The Syrian army had no need to do so, are making advances on the ground in various areas of Syria with conventional means of fighting terrorism.  Using a chemical weapon is precisely the ‘red line’ act America and NATO/Gulf/Zionist allies would leap upon to wage their war of ‘regime change’ fully on Syria, as per Libya and Iraq before. Meanwhile, western-backed ‘rebels’ have a history of using toxic gas in Syria (even the UN’s Carla del Ponte admitted this).

-Recently, apparently relations with America, via Trump, had improved. At the time of the alleged gas attacks, relations were looking positive. (That said, today, sadly, Trump has launched an illegal attack on Syria, using at least 59 cruise missiles on a military site and causing unknown deaths. This is an unprovoked act of war. Trump/America have zero evidence that the Syrian government authorized and used toxic gas, something even the United Nations admittedeven the United Nations admitted.)

For the sake of time, because this is an urgent issue that needs clear thinking and a firm stance against American (and Zionist/NATO/Turkish/Gulf) attacks on Syria, I am posting excerpts from a number of good analyses already online. Please share.

“Ex-UK Ambassador: Assad wasn’t behind the chemical attack“, Apr 5, 2017

“Former British Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford says he believes it is “highly unlikely” that Russia or the Assad regime was behind the attack in Idlib.”

Finian Cunningham, April 6, 2017, “Chemical reaction: Trump in U-turn, bubbling with Syria regime change“:
“Last week, the Trump administration announced it was abandoning a failed US policy of regime change in Syria. This week, however, the White House suddenly back-flipped, saying Syrian leader Bashar al Assad “must go”.

The dramatic U-turn in US policy was, of course, in reaction to the reported chemical weapons incident in Syria’s Idlib province on Tuesday morning in which over 80 people were allegedly killed. Among the dead apparently were some 30 children.

Such a vigorous contradictory response from the Trump administration is strongly suggestive that the incident was an orchestrated political stunt; carried out for the purpose of achieving that very outcome by the Syrian militants and their foreign sponsors. It wouldn’t be the first time such a false flag device has been attempted to influence US policy in Syria.

Within minutes of the alleged attack in Khan Sheikdoun, in Syria’s northern Idlib province, Western governments and media were rushing to blame the Syrian air force for dropping chemical weapons on the town. Such claims were based entirely on images and information released by the discredited so-called rescue group, the White Helmets, who are reportedly affiliated with the Nusra terror organization. There was no attempt at verification by Western outlets, just straight-to-screen broadcast.

…The rush to condemn was reflected in the hasty UN draft resolution drawn up by the US, Britain and France. Russia’s acting deputy ambassador Vladimir Safronkov noted that the entire Western position was based on discredited sources like the terrorist-linked White Helmets.
“Taking the White Helmets at face value is not professional and not serious,” said Safronkov. He also added that the Western position was driven by an ideological expedience for “regime change” in Syria.

The last major deadly incident in Syria allegedly involving chemical weapons was in August 2013, when hundreds of civilians, including children, apparently died from exposure to the nerve agent sarin.

As with this week’s incident, Western governments and media were quick to accuse Syrian armed forces of carrying out the supposed attack in East Ghouta, a militant-held suburb of capital Damascus. Horrific images of children gasping for air were likewise given saturated coverage by Western media outlets.

The then Obama administration asserted “conclusively” that the Assad government was guilty of “heinous crimes”. Washington was on the verge of taking unilateral military action because of “red lines crossed”. It was only due to Moscow’s last-minute diplomatic intervention in September 2013 that US military involvement was averted, when a deal was struck by which the Syrian government vowed to decommission its chemical weapons arsenal under the auspices of the UN-affiliated Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

The Assad government insisted back then that it did not carry out the East Ghouta attack even though it was willing to comply with the Russian-brokered decommissioning deal. It later emerged from investigative reports and Syrian testimonies that the East Ghouta chemical weapons massacre most likely was carried out by militants as a propaganda stunt aimed at forcing the Obama administration’s hand to act on its “red line” threats of military intervention in Syria against the Assad government.

This week, Damascus again categorically denied that its forces had used chemical weapons in Idlib province. The Syrian government said all such weapons had been disposed off under the 2013 disarmament.

…images and video footage released by the White Helmets “aid responders” show no sign that those suffering from chemical exposure were caught up in the aftermath of an air strike. The location indeed appears to be a depot, and the people appearing to administer aid and recording the video footage seem to be doing so with a strange air of calm deliberation.

At one point in the video footage, three semi-conscious adult males are dragged from prone positions on a floor and then propped up against a pillar. The “aid responders” then walk away, but the video footage of the “victims” continues to run. Is that the expected action of “humanitarian responders”?…”


US Empire Myth-Busting (Vz) w/Alison Bodine (SOAPBOX PODCAST 4/23/17)

April 23, 2017

Guest: Alison Bodine

Topic: What's really happening in Vz.


Alison Bodine is a
Peace, Anti-war and Social Justice Activist Writer & Researcher at Fire This Time

Supporting Articles:

Venezuelan Opposition Accused of Attacking Maternity Hospital, 10 Dead in Riot


US Has Given Green Light for Coup in Venezuela: Maduro


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Peace Activist Cindy Sheehan Joins the California Freedom Coalition Board of Directors

Media Contact:
Shankar Singam
Steve Gonzales
Tim Vollmer

The Nation of California, April 21, 2017 - The California Freedom Coalition (CFC) is proud to announce the arrival of California's very highly regarded peace and social justice activist, Cindy Sheehan, to its Board of Directors, effective immediately. Cindy will take part in the creation of California Freedom Coalition’s Education Fund (a 501c3 non-profit).

Famous worldwide for her anti-war efforts—especially her historic 2005 encampment at President George W. Bush’s compound outside Crawford, Texas—Cindy is also deeply committed to the issues of affordable health care, same-sex marriage, renewable energy and improving children's education.

In addition to working tirelessly to improve the lives of all Californians, Cindy has published a memoir, Peace Mom: A Mother's Journey Through Heartache to Activism, in 2006. In the years since, the lifelong Californian has run for US Congress in 2008 and was the vice-presidential nominee of the Peace and Freedom Party in 2012 and their candidate for California Governor in 2014.

Cindy has continued to host a podcast/radio show “Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox” for 9 years and is the host of “The People Speak” on

Now the proud grandmother of five sixth-generation Californians, Sheehan dedicates her work to them and all of the children of the world.

We are looking forward to working with Cindy on the mutual platform for the same fundamental principles: "Peace, Economic Equality and Environmental Sustainability", in the campaign for an Independent California. Welcome to the CFC, Cindy!
About California Freedom Coalition

The California Freedom Coalition is a non profit organization formed under CA statute 23701d (IRS 501c3) to educate, assist and organize California residents through peaceful means in order to ensure we have a place to live that reflects our values. The CFC also has formed a 23701f (IRS 501c4) to be more active in lobbying and signature gathering.

We believe successful nations prioritize diplomacy before destruction, peaceful coexistence before unwanted interference. Currently with 30,000 members and followers, CFC is one of the largest groups supporting California Independence.

​We are promoting nonviolent actions to establish the Nation of California using legal and constitutional means to do so. We advocate for peaceful secession from the United States.
​Polls indicated that one out of three Californians support independence and 47% were not opposed to the idea of California becoming an independent nation.

Please visit our website ( or Facebook group ( for more information.
CONTACT: Shankar Singam, Steve Gonzales or Tim Vollmer at

Listen to Cindy's recent interview of Marcus Ruiz Evans about #CalExit


Friday, April 21, 2017

Honoring Our Heroes & Martyrs: Lynne Stewart & Mumia Abu-Jamal May 6-7 (Cindy Sheehan speaking)
Honoring our Heroes and Martyrs...
Celebrating the Life of People's Attorney  Lynne Stewart
Renewing the Fight to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal*
so Ralph Poynter, lifelong companion of Lynne Stewart; co-founder New Abolitionist Movement; Black community activist 
so Mumia Abu-Jamal via Skype
so Judy Ritter, Professor of law; Co-counsel for Mumia Abu-Jamal with NAACP Legal Defense & Education Fund 
o Boots Riley of The Coup
so Cat Brooks, SF Bay Area National Lawyers Guild Interim Director; founder, Anti-police Terror Project and Bay Area Black Lives Matter
Special remarks from...
so Steve Bingham, Former President, SF Bay Area National Lawyers Guild, recipient of the NLG's Champion of Justice Award 
 s Cindy Sheehan, Activist/Author/Host of Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox
so Jeff Mackler, Director, Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal; founder, West Coast Lynne Stewart Defense Committee
so Ralph Schoenman, Former Secretary to Bertrand Russel; Executive Director, Vietnam War Crimes Tribunal; Lynne Stewart defense organizer
s Dennis Bernstein, Host, KPFA's Flashpoints
Greetings from local social justice and prison rights activists  o Kim Serrano/Speak Out Now!;  o Judy Greenspan/Workers World Party and so Carol Seligman/Labor Action Committee to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal
In San Francisco: Saturday, May 6, 7 pm, Eric Quesada Political and Cultural Center, 518 Valencia Street,  (near 16th Street BART)

In Oakland: Sunday, May 7, 7 pm, Humanist Hall, 390 27th St. (between Broadway &  Telegraph)
Sponsors: Lynne Stewart Organization & Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal 
Initial Co-sponsors/endorsers: Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox • Lynne Stewart Defense Committee • Socialist Action • Speak Out Now! • Workers World Party • Labor Action Committee to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal • United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC)  
Donation $20 - $10 sliding scale No one turned away for lack of funds. Benefit for Lynne Stewart Organization
For information about tables at $25 each contact:  510-268-9429
If you can't make these meetings, to help cover Lynne's family expenses, please send your contribution payable to Lynne Stewart Organization to POB 10328, Oakland, CA 94610
*Based of the 2016 Williams v. Pennsylvania U.S. Supreme Court decision Mumia's legal team is filing in Philadelphia on April 24 a petition for a new trial. The Williams decision held that in death penalty cases a state prosecutor, who is later appointed to a state court cannot rule on a decision that she/he was previously a party to. In Mumia's case, state prosecutor Ron Castille, who later became a PA Supreme Court judge, refused to recuse himself on Mumia's appeal.
s = SF meeting only
o = Oakland meeting only
so = both meetings

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Wagging the Elephant by Anthony Freda

Wagging the Elephant
Anthony Freda

Despite evidence that the gas attack in Syria was a false flag operation designed to demonize Assad and pave the way for another regime change like the ones we saw Bush carry out in Iraq and Obama in Libya, Assad was attacked.

There was no investigation into the attack, which clearly could not benefit Assad in any way, and it presented his enemies with a bullet-proof pretext to bomb him.

The baton has been handed to Trump to continue the policy to overthrow Russia's allies in the Middle East laid out in the aftermath of 9-11 by the Neocons. 

Disgracefully, the U.S. bombing of Syria is the one thing that Trump, the mainstream media, Neocons, and establishment Democrats like Pelosi, Schumer and Clinton can agree on.
Yesterday, Hillary Clinton called for the Trump administration to bomb Syrian air fields during an interview at the Women of the World Summit in New York.

“I still believe we should have done a no-fly zone,” she said. “We should have been more willing to confront Assad.”
“Assad has an air force, and that air force is the cause of most of these civilian deaths as we have seen over the years and as we saw again in the last few days,” Clinton stated.
“And I really believe that we should have and still should take out his air fields and prevent him from being able to use them to bomb innocent people and drop sarin gas on them,” she said, raising her voice to applause.

Clinton said that she favored a more aggressive action against Assad, adding that not taking a tough stance on the Syrian president was one of her worst policy mistakes during her time as secretary of state under President Obama.

Her comments came in her first interview since losing the presidential election to Trump and hours before the U.S. launched cruise missiles targeting a Syrian airfield in response to the deadly gas attack.
What amazing timing. 

Well one thing is for sure, this bombing puts the conspiracy theory that Trump is working for Putin finally to rest.

Anthony Freda


US Empire Myth-Busting (N. Korea) w/Brian Becker (TPS w/Cindy Sheehan April 18, 2017)

Guest Occupation: 
Host Loud & Clear on Sputnik News/Founder Party for Socialism and Liberation/National Coordinator ANSWER
Guest Biography: 

Brian Becker is the Executive Director of the ANSWER Coalition which has chapters in 25 cities in the United States. The ANSWER Coalition was founded immediately after the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City and Washington DC. ANSWER was one of the primary organizations that mobilized of millions of Americans who protested month after month in the lead-up to the U.S. invasion of Iraq in March 2003 – and in opposition to the continuing US occupation of Iraq

Brian Becker is the author and co-author of numerous books on U.S. foreign policy. His latest book is “Imperialism in the 21st Century.” He is also the co-author of “Socialists and War,” “Genocide by Sanctions,” ‘China: Revolution and Counter-Revolution,” “Revolution Manifesto” and others. His articles appear regularly on website which is a news and analysis site of the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL). Becker is a founder of the PSL and a member of its Central Committee

He is currently the show host of a daily one-hour radio show/podcast called Loud & Clear for Radio Sputnik. The show is broadcast five days a week on radio stations, web sites and is also available as an iiTune podcast.

Brian Becker is an analyst and journalist on U.S.-DPRK relations. He has traveled to DPRK multiple times between 1989 and 2013. In 2014 and 2015 he was the featured speaker on U.S.-DPRK relations at luncheons hosted by the Tokyo Press Club in Tokyo, Japan.


Founded just three days after the September 11, 2001 attacks, ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) initiated the massive U.S. antiwar movement opposing the U.S.invasion of Iraq in the months prior to March 19, 2003.

The ANSWER Coalition demonstration of 200,000 people on October 26, 2002, in Washington, D.C. ignited a nationwide and global antiwar movement that was nearly unprecedented in history. On January 18, 2003, 500,000 people packed the Mall in Washington, D.C. under the slogan “Stop the War Before It Starts.” The Washington Post described the January 18 demonstration as the largest antiwar protest since the end of the Vietnam War.

On February 15, 2003, many millions of people, in nearly every country in the world, joined together in the largest coordinated antiwar actions in history.

On April 12, 2003, just 3 days after the U.S. invasion force conquered Baghdad the ANSWER coalition organized a demonstration of 30,000 people in downtown Washington, D.C. under the slogan “Occupation is not Liberation.” This marked the beginning of a new stage of the U.S.antiwar movement which slowly regained its massive character as the resistance movement in Iraq made it clear that the occupation of Iraq would fail.

A distinguishing feature of the organizing principles and work of the ANSWER coalition, in contrast with the traditional U.S.peace movement was its uncompromising support in defense of the rights of the Palestinian people.

In April 2002, the ANSWER Coalition organized the largest demonstrations in solidarity with the Palestinian people in U.S. history, of more than 100,000 people.

ANSWER, which at its core included a partnership between Arab and non-Arab activists, fought a long and successful battle against excluding the Palestinian struggle for self-determination from the anti-war and peace movement. In the years since, we have mobilized across the country to stop the repeated assaults against and massacres of the people of Gaza.

Most recently ANSWER lead a march of 50,000 people in Washington, D.C. on August 2, 2014 to protest the Israeli massacre against people in Gaza.

ANSWER has mobilized against the illegal coup and UN occupation of Haiti, against the illegal blockade of Cuba, and the illegal 'regime change' war on Libya.

We are actively fighting against the ongoing occupation of Afghanistan, the renewed assaults on Iraq and Syria, the drone attacks on Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia, among others.
In recent years, March Forward!, an affiliate of the ANSWER Coalition, has brought together anti-war veterans and active-duty service members to fight for their rights and oppose U.S. wars of aggression.

ANSWER has played an important role in the fight against racist and religious profiling, in support of immigrant and workers’ rights, and for economic and social justice for all. Our members are engaged in a range of struggles, from the local battles against police brutality to the international campaigns against militarism and war.

ANSWER Chapters are organizing in cities and towns throughout the United States connecting the flight for social justice at home and in opposition to war and occupation abroad.

Cindy Sheehan on Loud and Clear w/Brian Becker

 April 17, 2017

Trump's New 'Military First' Policy Puts Generals in Charge

On today's episode of Loud & Clear, Brian Becker is joined by Ann Wright, a retired US Army Colonel and former US State Department official, who resigned in protest of the invasion of Iraq; as well as by Cindy Sheehan, a legendary anti-war activist.




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Ray Light Sheds Light on the Evil Empire and More! (SOAPBOX PODCAST MARCH 13, 2017)

APRIL 15, 2017

GUEST: Ray Light

SUBJECT: Latest US attack on Syria
The Rise of Fascism in the US
Reichstag Warning for Today
How the DNC is falling further right

Ray Light is the General Secretary of the 
Revolutionary Organization of Labor, USA

Coming soon from Ray Light on The Soapbox:
The Great October Socialist Revolution (BOLSHEVIK) 







Friday, April 14, 2017

#CalExit (California for Californians!) (Soapbox Podcast; April 14, 2017)

Broadcast Date: 
Tuesday, April 11, 2017 06:00 pm
Guest Name: 
Marcus Ruiz Evans
Guest Occupation: 
Author/Co-Founder of #Calexit organizing group Yes California
Guest Biography: 
Marcus Ruiz Evans has lived in California his whole life, from the Central Valley and the Inland Empire, to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Having worked in the trade of global goods and served in government, he has seen through both his travels and career how other cultures value California’s distinct qualities. Of mixed Latino, Anglo and Native American heritage, Evans has experienced the state’s diversity in his own life, even pledging an Asian fraternity while attending a University of California school.

Marcus worked as a liaison between the State of California government and the Federal government for more than 10 years, forcing him to develop a personal understanding of this federal and state relationship. During this time, he also had the opportunity to work on Goods Movement efficiency studies, looking at how the international freight system operates and especially California's role in the world economy. He has traveled to Europe, Canada, and Mexico, observing firsthand their domestic infrastructure and connection to the Global economy. In addition, he traveled to many states in America, comparing views on international trade, but with a California perspective. Evans lived throughout California, including Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, and the Central Valley.

Marcus is the co-founder of #Calexit organizing group Yes California.


Yes California is the nonviolent campaign to establish the country of California using any and all legal and constitutional means to do so. We advocate for peaceful secession from the United States by use of an independence referendum to establish a mandate, followed by a nationwide campaign to advocate in support of a constitutional exit from the Union. By joining this campaign, signing up as a member, donating, volunteering, or otherwise supporting this important cause, you agree to these nonviolent principles.

While Yes California supports and encourages Californians to stand up and take direct action, to be bold, and to unapologetically demand the liberation of the people of California from its captors, we explicitly reject conduct or speech inciting open rebellion against the American government.

The 2019 #Calexit Independence Referendum

In the Spring of 2019, Californians will go to the polls in a historic vote to decide by referendum if California should exit the Union, a #Calexit vote.

You will have this historic opportunity because the Yes California Independence Campaign will qualify a citizen’s initiative for the 2018 ballot that if passed would call for a special election for Californians to vote for or against the independence of California from the United States.
This is a very important question. It is the responsibility of this campaign to explain what a yes vote will mean for you, your family, your community, our state, our country, and our world. We have designed this website to answer many of these questions and look to you to ask more.
"As the sixth largest economy in the world, California is more economically powerful than France and has a population larger than Poland. Point by point, California compares and competes with countries, not just the 49 other states.”
In our view, the United States of America represents so many things that conflict with Californian values, and our continued statehood means California will continue subsidizing the other states to our own detriment, and to the detriment of our children.

Although charity is part of our culture, when you consider that California’s infrastructure is falling apart, our public schools are ranked among the worst in the entire country, we have the highest number of homeless persons living without shelter and other basic necessities, poverty rates remain high, income inequality continues to expand, and we must often borrow money from the future to provide services for today, now is not the time for charity.

However, this independence referendum is about more than California subsidizing other states of this country. It is about the right to self-determination and the concept of voluntary association, both of which are supported by constitutional and international law.

It is about California taking its place in the world, standing as an equal among nations. We believe in two fundamental truths: (1) California exerts a positive influence on the rest of the world, and (2) California could do more good as an independent country than it is able to do as just a U.S. state.
In 2016, the United Kingdom voted to leave the international community with their “Brexit” vote. Our “Calexit” referendum is about California joining the international community. You have a big decision to make.
Yes California is here to help.

Being a U.S. state is no longer serving California’s best interests. On issues ranging from peace and security to natural resources and the environment, it has become increasingly true that California would be better off as an independent country. Here’s a summary of why we think so.

The U.S. Government spends more on its military than the next several countries combined. Not only is California forced to subsidize this massive military budget with our taxes, but Californians are sent off to fight in wars that often do more to perpetuate terrorism than to abate it. The only reason terrorists might want to attack us is because we are part of the United States and are guilty by association. Not being a part of that country will make California a less likely target of retaliation by its enemies.

California’s electoral votes haven’t affected a presidential election since 1876. On top of that, presidential election results are often known before our votes are even counted. So, why should we keep subjecting ourselves to presidents we play no role in electing, to 382 representatives and 98 senators we can’t vote for, and all the government officials and federal judges appointed by those very same people we don’t elect.

The U.S. Government maintains a burdensome trade system that hurts California’s economy by making trade more difficult and more expensive for California’s businesses. As long as California remains within this burdensome trade system, we will never be able to capitalize on the trade and investment opportunities that would be available to us as an independent country.

Since 1987, California has been subsidizing the other states at a loss of tens and sometimes hundreds of billions of dollars in a single fiscal year. As a result, we are often forced to raise taxes and charge fees in California, and borrow money from the future to make up the difference. This is partly why California presently has some of the highest taxes in the country, and so much debt. Independence means that all of our taxes will be kept in California based on the priorities we set, and we will be able to do so while repaying our debts and phasing out the current state income tax.

California is the most diverse state in the United States and that is something we are proud of. This diversity is a central part of our culture and an indispensable part of our economy. As a U.S. state, our immigration system was largely designed by the 49 other states thirty years ago. This immigration system has since neglected the needs of the California economy and has hurt too many California families. Independence means California will be able to decide what immigration policies make sense for our diverse and unique population, culture, and economy, and that we’ll be able to build an immigration system that is consistent with our values.

Certain minerals and other natural resources like coal, oil, and natural gas are being extracted from California at below market value rates by private corporations with the permission of the U.S. Government. While a small portion of the revenue is shared with us, our share has been withheld during times of sequestration. That means the U.S. Government is paying their debts with royalties collected from selling off California’s natural resources. Independence means we will gain control of the 46% of California that is currently owned by the U.S. Government and its agencies. We will therefore take control of our natural resources and be the sole beneficiary of royalties collected if and when they are extracted from our lands.

California is a global leader on environmental issues. However, as long as the other states continue debating whether or not climate change is real, they will continue holding up real efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The truth is this country accounts for less than five percent of the world’s population yet consumes one-third of the world’s paper, a quarter of the world’s oil, 27 percent of the aluminum, 23 percent of the coal, and 19 percent of the copper. Independence means California will be able to negotiate treaties to not only reduce the human impact on our climate but also to help build global resource sustainability.

The Affordable Care Act was enacted by the U.S. Government to lower the cost of health care and expand health insurance coverage to the uninsured, yet millions of Californians still lack access to quality health care because they can’t afford it. For many, access to hospitals and medicine is a life or death issue. Independence means we can fund the health care programs we want and ensure everyone has access to the medicines they need because our taxes will no longer be subsidizing other states. Finally, California can join the rest of the industrialized world in guaranteeing health care as a universal right for all of our people.

California has some of the best universities but in various ways, our schools are among the worst in the country. Not only does this deprive our children of the education they deserve, but it also costs taxpayers billions in social services and law enforcement expenses linked to lacking opportunities resulting from poor education. Independence means we will be able to fully fund public education, rebuild and modernize public schools, and pay public school teachers the salaries they deserve. On top of that, independence means freedom from federal education policies and one-size-fits-all standards set by political appointees on the other side of the continent.

  • For the last 3 MONTHS - a solid 1/3 CA wants a Calexit 
  • For the last 6 MONTHS - a solid 2/3 CA thinks America is going down 
" One person who’s happy with the Berkeley IGS poll results is Marcus Ruiz Evans, a leader of the Yes California campaign, which is trying to convince state residents to secede from the U.S. and start a new nation. The campaign is currently collecting signatures to put a secession measure on the November 2018 ballot.
“It doesn’t surprise us,” Evans said of the data showing more optimism about California than America as a whole. “We’re not saying there’s no issues with Sacramento, but it’s more functional than the federal government. … If people have to choose, they’d rather go with California.” "

Yes California


Thursday, April 13, 2017

"Hands Off Venezuela! How the OAS is Undermining Venezuela's Sovereignty" by Alison Bodine (Guest Article)


Hands Off Venezuela!
How the OAS is Undermining Venezuela's Sovereignty

By Alison Bodine

Almost two decades ago, the people of Venezuela chose to change their
history and build a country along a different path then that dictated
by the U.S. government. They elected President Hugo Chávez and began
the Bolivarian revolution, a powerful process of social and political
transformation that continues to make great gains in the lives of poor
and oppressed people in Venezuela.

This self-determination and sovereignty that the people of Venezuela,
today led by President Nicolás Maduro and the United Socialist Party
of Venezuela (PSUV), have fought for has come under constant assault
from forces both inside and outside of Venezuela. They have faced
relentless violence, economic war and destabilization attempts by
Venezuela's counter-revolutionary capitalist class, as well as
threats, sanctions and other forms covert and overt intervention by
the United States and their allies.

Intensifying Campaign Against Venezuela

In the last week of March, 2017, the sovereignty and
self-determination of Venezuela came under a renewed assault. The
Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), a U.S.
puppet named Luis Almagro, launched new campaign to attempt to
demonize and isolate the government of Venezuela and the Bolivarian

This campaign began when 14 members of the OAS signed a letter
threatening to suspend Venezuela’s membership based on inflated and
unproven allegations that Venezuela is in violation of the “Democratic
Charter” of the OAS. These 14 countries included right-wing
governments in Latin America as well as the United States and Canada,
a minority of the 34 member-states of the OAS.

Then, on March 28, 2017 the OAS met in Washington, DC, and took their
threats against Venezuela’s sovereignty one step farther. At the
meeting, the regional organizations Secretary General Almagro, had one
vicious intention - to put the internal politics of member-state
Venezuela on the agenda.

According to reports from participating countries, the meeting was
fraught with organizational irregularities. Not the least being that
Article 18 of that forbids intervention by member-states “directly or
indirectly, for any reason whatever, in the internal or external
affairs of any other State.” In the end, there was no vote on whether
or not to “open a formal debate on whether Venezuela is democratic
enough to remain a full member of the Inter-American System,” which
was the question that the right-wing was trying to put on the agenda.
Instead, Almagro and his right-wing allies are now relying on a letter
signed by 20 of the 34 member-states, to show that they do, indeed,
have the mandate to open such a debate. So, if there in fact was no
intention of actually coming to some sort of regional agreement about
Venezuela, what was the entire spectacle about?

The March 28 meeting was part of an intentional and vicious campaign
to demonize and provoke the government of Nicolas Maduro and the
Bolivarian Revolution, and to polarize and divide the OAS.

Although this was not the subject of the meeting, the United States,
Canada and rightwing governments in Latin America all took the
opportunity to publically support the idea that Venezuela should be
suspended from the OAS.

In attendance from the United States was Michael Fitzpatrick, the
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere who
stated, "We need to act with urgency and clarity of purpose for
indeed, as the saying goes, the whole world is watching," and "This is
an important day for the OAS, which is fulfilling its responsibility
to safeguard democracy." He also called on the Venezuelan government
to "comply with its constitution and constitutional functions, hold
elections as soon as possible and release all political prisoners,
including Leopoldo López."

These are dangerous words, especially when spoken by a diplomat from
the United States, a country that has labeled Venezuela as an
“extraordinary threat to U.S. national security,” imposed damaging
sanctions and continues to give political and financial support to
Venezuela’s violent opposition.

What is the Role of the Organization of American States (OAS)?

According to their website, the Organization of American States (OAS)
is a regional body established in 1948 as an organization with the
mandate to create in the Americas “an order of peace and justice, to
promote their solidarity, to strengthen their collaboration, and to
defend their sovereignty, their territorial integrity, and their

None of those noble and righteous words are what was on the table at
the March 28 meeting of the OAS. In fact, Luis Almagro was lobbying
for just the opposite – international intervention in Venezuela in
violation of their sovereignty, territorial integrity, and

Ever since becoming Secretary General of the OAS in May of 2015, Luis
Almagro has displayed his bias and opportunism against Venezuela and
the Bolivarian revolution. All the evidence required to prove his
allegiance can be seen with a quick scroll through his social media
Twitter account. Especially in the last two weeks, a vast majority of
his posts on Twitter (known as tweets) are about Venezuela, and they
are often photos of his meetings with U.S. diplomats and members of
Congress, or with the leaders of Venezuela’s opposition. Overall, as
reported by the Foreign Minister of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, 21% of
all of his tweets since becoming Secretary General of the OAS have
been leveled against the government of Nicolás Maduro and the
Bolivarian Revolution.

Luis Almagro has also met with Venezuela’s opposition at least 26
times in the last barely two years. Needless to say, this extreme bias
is in violation of his mandate as the Secretary General of the OAS.

The hands of the U.S. intervention are also all over this latest
escalation against Venezuela. Prior to the March 28 meeting of the
OAS, member-states reported that members of US Congress had written to
them about the upcoming meeting. El Salvador, the Dominican Republic
and Haiti also reported that U.S. Senator and former republican
Presidential candidate Marco Rubio had attempted to bully them into
taking a stand in the OAS against Venezuela’s sovereignty by saying
directly, “We have a very difficult situation in Washington, where
massive cuts in foreign aid are under consideration and it will be
very difficult for us to justify assistance to those countries if
they, at the end of the day, are countries that do not cooperate in
the defense of democracy in the region.” Here we have Marco Rubio
interfering in the internal decision making of member-states of the

Provocation for Foreign Intervention in Venezuela

The struggle within the OAS continues, but what is more significant
than the meeting that took place between those four walls in
Washington, DC on March 28 is what that meeting embodied – the latest
attempt by the U.S. government and the capitalist class in Venezuela
to provoke international intervention in Venezuela leading to the
overthrow of President Nicolas Maduro. Taking a closer look at the
opportunistic words of Almargo definitely sheds some light on his true
intentions, but first, let us examine the word of his bosses.

People such as former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who in 2014
stated that “the Organization of American States (OAS), allies and
neighbours should demand accountability of Venezuela over the
protests,” as reported by the BBC. The “protests” that John Kerry is
referring to here are actually violent street riots organized by
counter-revolutionaries in Venezuela.

In March, Almagro released a 74 page report on Venezuela, wrought with
lies and distortions that could have come directly from the mouths of
these U.S. government officials. As Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Delcy
Rodriguez described, the report is meant to “interfere with Venezuela,
not only to remove president Maduro, but also to develop a complex
scheme. This new agenda differs from the old one in the sense that it
opens the intervention strategy in order to impose a model similar to
the neoliberal governments that today strike the region.”

Democracy in Venezuela

Among the key points of his report, Almagro states that Venezuela must
return to a “functioning democracy.” However, the last 19 years of the
Bolivarian Revolution have actually shown that Venezuela’s democratic
system is very much alive. Venezuela is one of only a few countries in
the world whose Constitution has given its people the right to recall
any elected official who has served out greater than 50% of their
term, including the President.

Starting in April of 2016, after much infighting, the
counter-revolutionary opposition in Venezuela began their attempt to
carry out a recall-referendum against President Nicolas Maduro.
However, eventually they were not able to even begin the official
referendum, as they failed to collect the 2 million preliminary
signatures needed as laid out in the Venezuelan Constitution. When
Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) attempted to verify the
signatures, 30.9% of them were found to be invalid, including more
than 10,900 that came from deceased people.

Furthermore, if there is anything undemocratic about Venezuela, it is
not the government of Venezuela and President Nicolas Maduro, as
Almagro states, who are responsible for retuning Venezuela to a
“functioning democracy.” It is instead the majority right-wing
National Assembly. This is because the National Assembly has been
operating in contempt of court for over a year, after swearing in
three parliamentarians whose elections were annulled due to cases of
voter fraud.

Strangely enough, Almargo’s report suggests that Venezuela could
“restore democracy” by holding general elections immediately. However,
as per Venezuela’s Constitution, the next Presidential election is not
due to take place until 2018. Holding elections earlier would actually
be in violation of Venezuela’s Constitution.

Almagro and the OAS do not care about democracy in Venezuela, what
they want is international intervention in Venezuela.

“Political Prisoners” in Venezuela

Almagro’s report also calls on the immediate release of so-called
political prisoners in Venezuela. This is another statement that just
as easily could have come from the mouth of US President Trump
himself. In fact, it already did, when Trump tweeted for the release
of Venezuelan prisoner Leopaldo Lopez on February 15.

Leopaldo is just one of the prisoners in Venezuela that have been
labeled by counter-revolutionary forces and mainstream media as
“political prisoners.” This includes prisoners that have been charged
and convicted of crimes such as arson and treason, primarily for their
involvement and leadership in violent street riots in 2014 that killed
43 people in Venezuela known as the “Guarimbas.”

“Humanitarian Assistance” for Venezuela

As a final demand, Almagro’s report on Venezuela also calls for “The
immediate establishment of a channel to provide humanitarian
assistance (with emphasis on food and medical assistance) to the
people of Venezuela.”

Once again, Almagro’s demands are misdirected. Especially since the
December, 2015 parliamentary elections, Venezuela’s capitalist class
has intensified its economic war. This has included massive hoarding
and under-production of foods and everyday necessities, creating empty
shelves and long-lines at stores for many people in Venezuela. It is
not a “humanitarian corridor” that is needed, but an end to this
crisis manufactured by those in Venezuela who wish to overthrow the
government of Nicolas Maduro and reverse the gains of the Bolivarian

Mainstream Media Lies and Manipulations

The mainstream media was right there waiting for their time to shine
in this latest demonization campaign against Venezuela. They will take
any opportunity they can get to once again claim that Venezuela is on
the “road to dictatorship.” As part of Almagro’s escalating witch-hunt
against President Nicolas Maduro and the government of Venezuela,
Western media gave him ample space in which to explain his views and
analysis. This included the usual suspects such as the New York Times
and Washington Post, but also National Public Radio and the Globe and
Mail here in Canada.

One of their main attacks was an opinion piece written by Luis Almagro
himself. His piece is full of the rhetoric against the government of
Venezuela, none of it based on facts. It ends with a direct appeal
“That is why I have proposed – in a short period of time, within one
month, a truly democratic path with clear signals in that direction,
including the release of prisoners, a timetable for elections, the
opening of a humanitarian channel – the suspension of Venezuela from
the OAS, provided for in Article 21 of the Inter-American Democratic
Charter. Because there is no other way. The 33 countries of the region
must show unity and take a stand in defence of the democracy under

Try looking for anything about the government of Venezuela’s response
to the allegations of Almargo in Western mainstream media and you will
come up empty-handed. Time and time again they have proven themselves
to be a mouthpiece of U.S. government policy and these latest attacks
on Venezuela are no exception.

Sovereignty and Self-determination

“Venezuela has the necessary laws to resolve its internal situations,
with mechanisms consistent with the full exercise of its sovereignty…
Each country must resolve its affairs with constitutional mechanisms”
– Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro, April 1, 2017

That is it, pure and simple. Venezuela has the right to
self-determination and sovereignty, no matter what form of government
the people of Venezuela have chosen.

These latest attacks by Luis Almagro, the U.S. government and their
allies in the OAS are a clear and dangerous violation of these

However, it is also important to note that these attacks in the OAS
are also desperate measures, by a weakened and fractured
counter-revolution in Venezuela. Ever since the election of a majority
right-wing National Assembly in December of 2015, cracks in the
opposition coalition have actually grown deeper. Their efforts to
overthrow the government of Nicolas Maduro have so far failed, leaving
them wounded and crying for help from the international community.

That is why our actions in defense of Venezuela, the government of
Nicolás Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution are so necessary. Peace
and justice-loving people around the world must be on-guard for
Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution now more than ever. The
attacks by Luis Almagro and the OAS are far from over. With the U.S.
government taking the lead there can be no doubt that their attempts
to isolate Venezuela, and to quarantine the effect that the Bolivarian
Revolution has had on the people’s of Latin America will continue to